Play station is nothing but a video game console which is developed by renowned electronics company Sony. Sony has released three models of play station till date. Play Station 3 is the latest gaming console which is available in the market. It has many advantages over the old models and has become quite popular in the market. But many developers state that playstation 3 is not developer friendly. As the company’s thirst for more user friendly products never ends, Sony is trying to develop a new version of Play Station which has many more benefits than the previous versions.

Play Station’s Drawback

It will be a excellent step by Sony to update its game console. The PlayStation 3, especially when it was first introduced into the market, it was heavily criticized by many developers that creating games for this platform is very difficult. Sony also has mentioned that the current platform is very hard to process. And for a change, the next version of play station coming out from Sony will be more developer friendly. Many developers have been complaining that the hardware of PlayStation 3 is a difficult issue to deal with, making many creative developers complain about Sony and its console.

Developer’s Role

Now Sony is making some plans to fix the loopholes and make its next console much more comfortable to program it. As a result, it is bringing in many internal development studios to help in the design and provide some important feedback for development of future hardware. Sony is arranging meetings with the developers at the very initial stage of designing new hardware so that there won’t be any more issues with the next version of the playstation. It is spending more time on developing the hardware platform, connecting guys with hardware knowledge to developers.

Developing a game involves many processes by which the game will be produced. Development is completely supervised by a game developer, which may be a single person or a large number of persons and organizations. Funds for the Game development are usually issued by the company. Developing a particular game may vary from a day to many years. Therefore, the company should decide the amount of funds it wants to invest and inform the developers about the best possible output.

Sony is keen to take help of highly ranked first-party studios to make future PlayStation consoles highly straight forward for game creators of tomorrow. It is a different experience for the game creators. This means more development studios will have a hand in designing the future of Sony’s video game hardware.

In the business of gaming, Games should be created keeping all the developers in the mind. It will surely be the best possible way for the success of hardware makers. By making the next play station more developer friendly, by taking the help of its developers, Sony is indeed aiming at altering the gaming industry in a great way. It is most likely making an excellent move to become more popular in the gaming sector.