Working on multiple monitors makes work easy and fast. You need not necessarily have to juggle between opening different tabs and windows (like you have to in a single monitor), while working on multiple monitors, and you can keep the different documents/web pages open for comfortable viewing. However, there is a challenge accompanying it as well. Most of you who regularly work on multiple monitors would agree when we say that there can be lots of distraction while managing multiple monitors as well as you could even complain of lack of concentration. Definitely, with multiple apps opened on the different monitors, all updates/changes that keep reflecting on the screens can be quite disturbing. This, along with the amount of energy you consume while keeping the different monitors powered on, throughout.

If you have been fretting over these issues, you may now have a reason to smile. You can now comfortably multitask using multiple monitors and not worry about disturbance – thanks to Diff Displays.

How does Diff Displays work?

Diff Displays works on the simple method of reducing energy wastage as well as distractions. To do it, this multi-monitor system engages the eye reading mechanism with which it dims the unused monitors and only keeps the one bright in which the user is looking at/reading from. In this way you save on energy as well as reduce unwanted disturbance as well.

Significant points to remember with the Diff Displays app

  • Each monitor has cameras fitted in them for eye-movement tracking.
  • The dim monitor(s) records all changes and highlights (displays them in bright fonts) them for you when you make them (monitors) active.
  • If you are a Windows user, you can download this app for free and check out right away.

So, if you want to change the way you work on multiple monitors, download this app today and see for yourself how efficiently and enjoyably you can work. And yes, do not miss to thank the researchers at University of St. Andrews for developing Diff Displays – a powerful, handy, and smart app for all multiple monitor users.