Treasuring memories has never been this special – and innovative. Computers nowadays are growing and improving year by year, with much features adding up for ease and convenience. But just recently, a new and improved gadget have now evolved and turned a present gadget into a much more convenient way to use.

People love to take pictures for keeping and memory purposes. From this, cameras where invented and presented to the market. But as high and quality technology have influenced the current era, from traditional film cameras – where film cartridges are used, Digital cameras were born.

These Digital cameras were then used to take pictures (without the use of film cartridges anymore). With its cost-effective and more convenient way to upload pictures, it was embraced by the people and consumers as a whole.

Gone were the film cartridges, you can easily upload the pictures taken through USB cable of the camera or by the use of its memory card. With compatible applications to aid your means of transfer, you can now place your taken pictures to where you want it to share, whether on social networks or other site like your Flickr and Facebook.

But a latest discovery has made these digital cameras into a much evolved form of easy use and transfer of pictures – the invention of Eye-Fi.

What is Eye-Fi?

Inspired by a memory card type device, this SD card is 4-8 gigabytes that will replace the old memory card of your digital camera.

But what is its difference from the old one?

It has a built-in 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi which allows you to easily upload pictures within a Wi-Fi range area or “hotspots”. With this highly innovative invention or creation, you can now say goodbye to uploading process using USB cables or old memory cards.

How is does it work?

Content includes the memory card reader wherein you will insert the card and connect to a USB port in your computer device and configure it from there. You can set the process of transfer by choosing how will the process do and where do pictures be put into for uploading.

You don’t have to worry though for there are many sites to choose from for downloading.

After configuring your card or device, you can now insert it into your digital cameras and it will be ready for pictures. The pictures taken will automatically format to JPEG files and automatically scaled to fit in desired size.

When you are along a hotspot place, your pictures will then be uploaded, after taking, into your desired storage or share site. Wi-Fi range or hotspots are almost anywhere on commercial markets for the purpose of drawing more people or to function well for the consumers. So this would not be a hard to find places.

Now with this invention up and ready for the market, people will now enjoy more on taking and uploading pictures without giving a hard time undergoing so much process.

With the Eye-Fi memory card, easy picture taking and uploading has never been this easy and enjoyable.