The company of Djigzo has always been a very popular one in the field of e-mail encryption. The company happens to be a brand which has managed to gain a lot of faith and trust from the entire world for a very long time. It is not for nothing that the world considers the company to be the best choice, when it comes to choosing an open source e-mail encryption gateway. The best news for the users from all parts of the world has to be the fact that, the Djigzo Open Source Email Encryption Gateway is now available for Microsoft Hyper-V.

The encryption process involves the encoding of the message that is being sent out with a fixed code which is unknown. The code is decided by a logical program which is preset in the machine. The logic that is used is also varied to make the encoding process even more solid. The information travels through the network in an encoded manner. Thus, even in the case of a data leakage, the net damage is almost negligible. The incoming message is decoded to ensure that the users get to see the message in the original format. The basic idea is to apply a code to the data during the travel time through the network. There are several surveys which have confirmed that the users have realised this to be the best possible mode of data protection in more ways than one.

It is strongly advised to all users to ensure that they use this tool to ensure that the data that is flowing through the network remains safe and protected in more ways than one.