Funky meaningless innovations have always been around. Be it cars or gadgets there are some devices which are built just to exhibit. Another example for one of such contraptions is the Carl Zeiss Cinemizer Video goggles.

There have been attempts by many companies at this seemingly ridiculous concept but now even world famous companies like Carl Zeiss are trying their hand at this. Apparently a designer studio was roped in to design the glasses. Well it sure has paid off, the glasses look stunning. The glasses sure give a very chic and sophisticated look. The frame is mostly made out of black lacquered plastic as an attempt to reduce weight. The bridge and the area around the temples is made out of soft rubber. The earphones position is adjustable and can be snugly fitted into your ears. The glasses weigh about 115gms and there is also the added weight of the cradle. The cradle is used to hook up the source to the glasses. There are different types of connectors available from iPod, iPhone to some cell phones. The cradle also contains the buttons for power, volume and LEDs to indicate battery charge and also a mini USB slot for charging.

The glasses are very comfortable to put on. They fit perfectly and are very snug albeit a tad heavy. The build quality deserves praise. The display resolution is 640×480. One unique feature of these glasses is the ability to correct the display for people with visual problems. There are two dials on the side of display which can be twiddled to correct vision from -3.5 to +3.5 diopters.

Carl Zeiss has claimed the battery to last about 4 hours but somehow it did not seem so in the test. The display could run for about 3 hours before it ran out of juice. As per the company’s claims the watching experience is similar to watching on a 46 inch screen placed about 2 metres away. Well our experience tells us that it is nothing of that sort. The video quality is very poor and shabby. The images are neither sharp nor are the colours crisp. There is no sharpness in the image and even adjusting the corrective dials did not help.

Watching a movie on this device would almost be torture. You get a feeling of being locked up and soon a feeling of nausea and dizziness develops. Perhaps a more resilient person would have been able to enjoy the movie but we just could not stand it for more than 10 minutes. There is just too much stress on the eyes and the brain.

We couldn’t imagine why anyone would even consider buying this device. There are affordable laptops which offer about 8 to 10 hours battery life. Then there is the iPad. Spending a whopping €330 to €390 on such a device is just meaningless. All we can say is that it is more of a show off piece rather than an useful gadget.