Since there are many smart phones in the market place, even so we have ignored the HTC Evo Shift 4G smart phone quite a lot. This phone was released at a surprising price in 2010.  At $149.99, it seemed with a contract for 2 years, the phone was going cheap. This low price is not by any means the lowest. Now the phone is cheaper at $89.99.

This is an updated version of the HTC Evo 4G with the difference being in smaller features and a slide out physical keyboard of the QWERTY type. Before its release, it was known as HTC Knight to the consumers of the electronic community.  Android users were initially un-impressed with this phone but after purchase of a unit they were shown that they were wrong. However, it loses out on other phones in it processor capacity that being only 800 MHz. It nevertheless couples the Sprint’s 4G connectivity with the Android 2.2 OS to give it speedy performance. The Evo Shift has the disadvantage of speed of the processor that being 800 MHz and that of the smart phones being 1 GHz.  This incredibly low priced phone is smarter than the other smart phones.

It is a powerful and less costly choice to the Samsung Epic 4G. It lacks the front facing camera and the HDMI port. It has a powerful operation and is less priced. Works well for people who want a physical keyboard. The HTC Evo Shift 4G follows the HTC Evo 4G in the same award winning feat. Its features constitute an attractive and streamlined design. It has additionally a streamlined sliding keyboard. In the line of the HTC sense user experience, it boasts of a streamlined 4G utility in keeping with the Android 2.2 with a camera that is 5MP / camcorder and a 3.6 inch capacitive touch screen with pinch – to – zoom capability.

The custom web browser’s optimized for comfortable mobile use with features like pinch – to – zoom capacity and auto reflowing of text. Adobe’s Flash for internet browsing is ensured with embedded video animation are displayed the way they are meant to be displayed. The KWERTY keyboard enables you to message and stay in touch with family and friends. It has a built-in hotspot functionality in the mobile and, HTC EVO Shift 4G allows up to 8 devices, Wi-Fi-enabled, including laptop, camera, music player, video player as well as any other Wi-Fi-enabled device, to benefit from the 3G/4G speeds.

It has stereo Bluetooth functions and a built – in Wi-Fi functions along with digital compass, G sensor, proximity sensor, light sensor and GPS. Its specs include Qualcomm – MSM 7630 of 800 MHz processor, 4.6×2.3×6 dimensions, 5.9 ounces weight, 3.6 WVGA display, and battery to last 6 hours of talk time. Standard lithium removable 1,500mAh battery, and a memory of 2 GB ROM with 512 MB RAM.