Microsoft Windows 7 has been in the market for almost an year now. And there is no doubt that the operating system has been a success overall attracting a great deal of people to migrate to the operating system. The much attractive Windows Vista was not able to attract these many people towards the OS. Instead Windows Vista was more like a curse for Microsoft in the market. The engineers and their teams were cursed by many users around the world for the security problems that it had. Windows 7 made the people around the world believe that Microsoft is still able to deliver a solid Operating system.

The Competition

This is a real competitive world and everything has to stay in the competition to do quality business altogether. Likewise, Windows Vista has to compete Mac OS and Linux and there might be a lot of people who will find this to be the best amongst all. There are many of the domains where Windows 7 rule while there are others where Windows 7 needs to improve to be the best in all the traits.

Microsoft has recently announced it to be the superior OS compared to MAC OS X and Linux in the Microsoft;s Worldwide Developers Conference 2010 (WDC) this year. They also stated that Microsoft has sold more then 150 million licenses for Windows 7 ever since it has been released into the market. This certainly set it to be a distinct operating system.

Another comparison that certainly gives an edge to the Windows 7 operating system is the compatibility issues. Windows 7 certainly has a huge amount of applications that are compatible for the file system and can run spontaneously with no issues at all. There are the most critical applications designed for Windows 7 as compared to any of the Mac OS X or even Linux. When it comes to the comparison, applications do make a lot of difference and that is what sets Windows 7 on the top of the list. Apple is more concentrating on making applications for the iPhone, iPod and iPad on the App store then for the Mac OS X.

Mac has got an excellent user experience and you will hardly ever fall into a hardware incompatibility in the MAC OS while Linux does provide you a number of applications that are very essential with fast boot up and quick responses bundled with ultimate security. These are the domains where Windows 7 lacks.

Windows 7 on the Whole

Windows 7 on the overall was a great achievement of Microsoft after the release and the cold response on Windows Vista. It has all the elements that needs to be there in a modern operating system with the tools and technology defining greater standards altogether. There are many of the critic opinion that Windows 7 has many of the interface lifts of the Mac OS X and even if they have done that, they were quite successful in lifting the operating system to a great deal making it to be a standard in terms of the interface.

You can an overall excellent build operating system in terms of the interface while the experience is vibrant at the same time. Microsoft made a sensible move this time to test the operating system with a number of beta release prior to the final release just to make sure that everything was running in fine tone. There was a beta test for Windows Vista as well but that didn’t last longer and probably that is the reason to the failure of the OS in getting an overwhelming response.