Nintendo DSi little brother, Nintendo DSi XL, looked like it hit a growth spurt. Looking almost like its predecessor, the new DSi XL boasts of two 4.2” screen with a promise for a wider viewing angle. However, it still has the same screen resolution, 256 x 192 pixel resolution; 260,000 colors, so running the same games which got a little pixilated with DS and DSi will have more obvious blocks on its screen.

Aptly named XL, the sturdy frame does bring into question its ‘portability’ compared to the DS and DSi older models. Supersized, DSi Xl, added another 100 g to its weight compared to DSi 114 g. The DSi XL’s frame also extended to 161 x 91.4 x 21.2 where DSi measures at 137 x 74.9 x 18.9 mm. Aimed at the more mature market, this new addition from Nintendo sits more comfortably in bigger hands. For those who now favor wearing glasses, the more vibrant screen offers easy reading and of course playing experience.

The glossy finish and the available classic burgundy and bronze colors also appeal to those who want their gaming consoles to come with class and sass. The underside, however, has a matte finish to enable a proper grip. Something you would definitely need if you plan on hefting it for hours.

Aside from the normal stylus that slides on the DSi XL’s body, it also comes with a bigger pen. This pen, about the size of a normal ballpoint pen, is a great addition to the package if you have big hands and you tire easily using the much thinner stylus. Just like its other siblings, it also has two cameras on its body. DSi XL still has the familiar buttons and familiar menu. Buttons are still clicky the right way. However, some would question the button size still remaining as it is despite the upgrade to its body size.

Nintendo owned the top spot for portable and home gaming consoles last year with more than 4M sold for Wii and DS. Perhaps bridging the generation gap between the DSi’s much younger audience and DSi XL mature market makes this gaming device a must have for a family. With this new target in sight however, the new DSi XL will have to battle its way to a gamer’s heart. Although priced only at about $200, gamers who already own a DSi or any other gaming console will have second thoughts purchasing just another game console when they could save up for portable media stations designed for more versatility.