Finding the right solution for your sluggish computer’s performance doesn’t automatically mean upgrading your system or buying a new one. Underneath your computer’s debris of files is a system that it is raring to be unleashed. Ccleaner is a system optimization tool that, as it names suggests, scrubs off your computer’s pile of rubble acquired from running and installing apps. Ccleaner not only cleans your temporary files, history and cookies from your browsers, it also cleans your unnecessary files from third- party apps such as Microsoft Office, Open Office, Adobe programs and other utilities you have installed in your computer.

The GUI of this feature-packed program is user intuitive and can be easily maneuvered. Though cleaning your computer of detritus might become taxing if done manually, Ccleaner’s completely customizable cleaning parameters makes it easy for you.

This freeware from Piriform also offers to get rid of your unessential registry entries. When your computer starts up, it automatically loads programs that are listed in your start-up items. This can lead to a slow boot-up process especially if you don’t take note to disable this during a program’s installation. Ccleaner lets you manage your start-up items without the hassle of re-starting your computer.

To run the program, you have to click on the applications that you would want to be cleaned. The program automatically looks for programs installed in your computer and gives you the option to select and unselect them before you start cleaning. There are two tabs that you should check, the Windows tab and the Programs tab. Once you have set your cleaning parameters, cleaning is just two steps away. Step 1, click the analyze button. Step 2, click on the Run Cleaner button. You would be surprised at how much disk space you’ll be able to recover after this operation.

Ccleaner also has its own Uninstall Program. You can cleanly uninstall your programs from the Tools tab and select Uninstall. It also offers secure file deletion by integrating a method to erase your files without leaving traces behind.

Ccleaner is also completely compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7. A.3.3 MB download, this one installs in your computer in a breeze. It can also be run from the USB–something someone concerned for their privacy in using public computers should never be without.

Bottom Line

As in the case of most freeware, Ccleaner is not the best of the lot. After using it you might find yourself looking for more features. Fortunately, it is one of the best. A great enough program that will not require you to pay before it starts to do its job properly. Of course, if you’re really satisfied with it and want to show your gratitude, Piriform accepts donations thru PayPal, Visa and Mastercard.