The largest personal computer security software provider Symantec has gone through another acquisition with the aim to spread their own business. They acquired PGP, an encrypting software and GuardianEdge Technologies, a top notch e-mail security and encryption service provider.

In today’s world everyone has to depend on e-mails and Internet information. So anyone’s privacy may be hampered in a great extent due to hacking or any sort of wicked attempt by others. Internet or web security holds a prior position among the users for the best use of time without any tension. Data encryption provides the way to retain a data safe. The data encrypts always goes with new ideas and vision to protect the clients from hackers. Symantec is the largest PC security company who acquired many companies of encryption and Internet security. They mainly focus on the companies who provide service like Internet security, Information management, disk storage, security software, anti-spam software, application streaming, risk management etc. In last couple of years they acquired companies like Altiris, an IT management software and Investor Group, a computer based management solution provider. Today in business data security is a part and parcel of management job and failure of this can cause serious damage to the company’s portfolio both economically and socially.

Symantec aims to grasp the whole market and so they bought the whole share of PGP and GuardianEdge. The financial deal was of $300 million for PGP and $70 million for GuardianEdge. While after its establishment in 1985 by Gordon E. Eubanks and some of his friends Symantec started producing third party software. With the progression of time they concentrate on Internet security and PC security system and tend to extend their business by purchasing small competitors. Their agreement with PGP and GuardianEdge is going to be activated within June of this year. This dealing can place Symantec in the top among the encrypt security providers and can lead a secure position for a long time. In fact this purchase enables Symantec to use several sophisticated technology of encryption. This agreement helps them to protect the e-mails, folders and files with more perfection. Along with this they also possess some data recovery codes from these two companies that could help them to extend their business.

Symantec officials express their hope for the better service and more users to entertain after the dealing. They wish more successful selling of their products and more market share. After the completion of whole aggregation process PGP and GuardianEdge will work under the umbrella of Symantec Enterprise Security Group. The vice president of corresponding group Francis DeSouza expects more dynamism in data encryption and recovery and above all providing security.

As the leading company in the field of PC and Internet security, Symantec concentrates in the spreading business wing for reaching its service to more users. They also hope to add more protection system along with utmost efficiency. So everyone knows that their expansion will not stop at PGP and GuardianEdge.