Traditionally downloading a BitTorrent file requires a piece of software called as uTorrent. But by some means, you don’t have the mentioned software on your machine and at the same time you want to download a BitTorrent file, what would you do then? Probably download the software.

But now with Google Chrome’s one-of-its-kind extension known as “OneClick” you can straightaway download BitTorrent file.

Here’s how?

If you don’t have uTorrent software on your PC and want to download BitTorrent file, then just install Google Chrome’s OneClick extension.

Developed by BitTorrent’s Torque Labs, OneClick enables you click on a torrent and it will straightaway download the file, eliminating the need of having a separate BitTorrent client.

Wondering, where does the file go after downloading with OneClick? As soon as you click on a torrent, the files within it automatically get saved right in the browser.

How’s OneClick useful?

This Google Chrome’s extension is extremely handy and makes the torrenting process super simple.