Dr.Explain is a useful software application, as it is used to control anddocument your application’s window. The main feature of this applicationis the authoring tool which helps to design and create user guidesand help files. It is also very useful for software developers as developers caneasily document their software interfaces. When it starts working, it parsesa live application and automatically produces screen shots of its windows.The screenshot contains a sequence of callouts for each window control;developers just have to add some description to each callout.
To download Dr. Explain. Click here.
Advantages of Dr.Explain 4.01.448
It has some very attractive features like you can capture a window withcursor. The other features are: it enumerate the window’s controls and willadd callouts to each control, you can also add some text and it will create aneat HTML by pressing the export button.
Dr.Explain is available in 7 languages worldwide and other features are:
You can Import CHM file (In start-up window, in File menu, & under AddTopic command), Import a single HTML file, Batch import recursivefolders with numerous HTML files, Optimized graphical algorithms , nowproduce PNG image files of smaller size without quality loss. It maydecrease final help file overall size by 1.5 or even 2 times.
Now all images have solid white background by default, previously itwas transparent, there is new “Cell properties” dialog allows to flexiblycustomizing cell borders, PDF Export performance was improved, {Pagebreak} special object was added, Arabic font issues in PDF were fixed,Issues with bullet list appearance in HTML were fixed and all color pickerssupport single-click select.
To run this application on your system, you require 1Ghz processor withminimum 256 MB RAM. It also requires HTML help workshop installed onthe system.
The Dr.Explain unregistered version comes with only 10 pages per projectand all pages will have watermark in background.
All we can say about this project is about the reliability and usability. Thisapplication is very useful for developers as tested. It is becoming verypopular among software developer for documentation purpose.