The cyber world is full of threats. The internet is the major source of information and with the information and data, users may also invite viruses and malicious programs onto their computer. Computer viruses can attack your system through various mediums like mail, CD/DVD, Pen drive and over a network and it necessary to keep an updated Antivirus program installed on your computer. An antivirus program is the one which keeps track on unwanted activity on your computer, scan your computer on regular interval and quarantine and delete viruses and spyware from your computer.

There are several antivirus programs available in the market like Norton, McAfee, AVG, etc and they are providing protection from such threats. Exterminate It! Is also a latest antivirus program which is emerging in to virus protection market.

Download and install latest version of Exterminate It!

The latest version of Exterminate It! Antivirus program is available on Exterminate website and here are some basic steps to download and install exterminate It!


Go the Exterminate It! Official website,, and then select the Download tab section.


It will load the first page with the Download button. Click on ‘Download’ button to download the setup file and then click ‘Save’ button to save the file on a desired location on your computer. Make sure that the system meets the minimum requirement for the antivirus programs.


Wait for the setup file to get download completely and then double click on the downloaded setup file to initiate the installation of Exterminate It program.


The installation process will begin and will ask for your permission to Run or Don’t Run the file. Click on Run and the program will be installed on your computer.

Advantages of Exterminate It program:

EI (Exterminate It) not only provides you from viruses but also from malware and Trojans.

It is very quick, very simple to use and self explanatory and user-friendly GUI. EI has one more feature called Submit State which actually send file, which contains the information of my system like startup file, to the experts and you get the required suggestion from the experts on that.

This antivirus program does not take much of the system resources and does not impact the system performance as well. You can run the program only when it is required and it does not need be working at the background.

Draw backs in the program:

Though Exterminate It is a wonderful program to have on your computer, it also has some disadvantaged which you must be aware of. You may need to pause a long antivirus scan process if you have some urgent work to do and then can resume the scan process afterwards but the scan process in this antivirus program cannot be paused once started.

There is also one disadvantage of Exterminate It program is that it does not allow the filtered or customized scan to be performed. You have to perform complete scan everytime.