Managing folders and archives on your system is a very important task. It makes the file management very easier and effective. All the operating systems provides the in-built tools to manage files and folders and a user must be very clear to use that application such as Windows Explorer in Windows operating systems. However, these in built application have some limitations and cannot perform some special or customized tasks. For the same reason there are some of the third-party tools available in the market which gives some extra configurations and functionalities to manage files and folder on your computer.

FAR is one of the applications which give you all these extra functionalities to manage windows files and folder more effectively. The manufacturer,, has recently launched a new version of the same software with the name FAR 2.0 Build 1698 Beta / 2.0 Build 1666.

Download FAR 2.0 Build 1698 Beta / 2.0 Build 1666, through the links provided below:

Step1: It is available free to use at various websites.

You can download the free version from web links like:

Step2: Install the application after it is downloaded on your computer and start using the application.


It makes the navigation easier and effective in any Windows operating system. It provides a text mode console which provides convenient and ease to manage all kind of files and archive in any Windows operating system.

Using this, any user can view files and various directories and any file can be edited, copied and renamed accordingly.

The interface is designed in multi-language and is very easy to configure. Main function of the application is to extend the support for external DLLs and Plugins with the use of special interface and API.

The standard technologies where this application is very useful are: FTP client, archive support, network browser and temporary panel. It has also made the task of File system navigation as simpler task which can be performed by any normal computer users. It uses colors and highlighted colors to show all type of File system on the computer.


FTP server compatibility: This application allows you to work with FTP server where anyone can upload and download any files in FTP server.

Multi tasking

The interface is so rich and advanced that you can change and manage multiple files at the same time. FAR provides the platform where more than one file can be searched and replaced simultaneously.

Printer connectivity: FAR also works with peripherals and allows users to work with printers connected to local computer or a network printer.

OS Compatibility: As it is a text based console, it is compatible with all the versions of Windows operating system. This makes user to be on their current OS instead of upgrading operating system to any higher version.


The software is recently launched in the market and it is still to be tested but one flaw can be discussed right away. This is command line or a text based console which makes it very hard to understand and use for the user who is not comfortable using text based interface.