You can add some  features to your phone and PC and make them look better than before. You can download freeware and sharewares to customize your PC and phone. In this article we will discuss how to add fun extras for your phone and PC.

Jazz up the look of your programs and icons

You can set any wallpaper for your desktop and the choices of wallpaper,screen savers, and skins (images to customize your Windows Media Player,desktop, or messaging program, for example) are endless. You can; it will help you with thousands of customizing options. You can customize Windows Media player by downloading funky skins, plug-ins and visualizations. You can also download screen savers from you want, you can also download really funky icons which represent folders, files, or programs.

Change the look of your folders

You can change each icon with some pictures which are system defined.Here we tell you how:

In Windows 7 and Vista:

Go to any folder and right click on the folder, and then go to properties.Now you will have to do one of the following: either change the icon for a shortcut then click shortcut tab or change the icon for a folder then click the customize tab.

In Windows XP:

Go to the folder and right click on the folder, and then go to properties. Now just select the customize tab and go to folder icon, click change icon. Now choose any new icon that you want to use. You can also select from your downloaded icon from the system.

You can convey your emotions with emoticons

If you are frequent to instant messaging then to impress any one, try to useemoticons. Emoticons are nothing but a graphic that expresses the way thatyou really feel. You can create these emoticons with your keyboards with thehelp of Windows Live messenger.

Add new emoticons to illustrate your Windows Live Messengerconversations.

In Windows 7, Vista and XP create personalized emoticons from your ownimages to add to your instant messaging. In Windows 7, Vista and XP,following steps have to be done to download emoticons. First open theWindows Live Messenger and click the tools menu. Now choose emoticonsand click create. Now select find images and navigate to the folder whereyou saved your download images. Now you can select any keyboard shortcutfor this particular emoticon.

Get artsy with new clip art

You can add any clip art to your presentation to make it more attractive.You can do it from Microsoft Office Online, Classroom Clipart, and ClipartConnection for a variety of images.
Find an almost endless selection of fonts

Play with your system’s fonts and you can download some cool and trendyfonts from Jazzy fonts, including dingbats, can also be foundon Font Freak and You can install on your system afterwards.

Call me to hear my funky ringtone

You can also download some cool ring tones on your phone from varioussites like Jamster,, Lavalife Mobile, or Phonezoo.