Give your brain a little break from remembering dates that are important to your partner and let IceBreak do all the work. TheIceBreak has developed a special app for the iOS platform named – IceBreak for Couples. This app will help you to keep your relationship funny and lively. It also rewards you with surprise gifts while completing tasks. It will also help you to know more about your partner’s likes and dislikes apart from keeping a track of all the important dates. With this app installed on your iOS-based device, you will experience a blissful relationship.

You can download the free app from App Store and refresh your love life. The app will ask you simple questions about you and your partner, such as ‘What is something your partner’s really good at?’, ‘What is your ideal Sunday morning together?’, ‘What is the sexiest part of your partner’s body?’, etc. By asking such questions, the app will help you both to know and understand each other better.

Features like ‘Capture Today’s Moment’ will help you to upload pictures and share it with your partner, so that you can see what the other is up to. It also has other features like ‘Relationship Wall’, ‘Relationship Health’, etc. IceBreak for Couples also rewards the couples with ‘Date Night Coins’ every time a task is completed. You can save these coins and redeem it for movie tickets and other exciting gifts.

IceBreak for Couples works on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch that runs on iOS 4.0 and above. The latest version 2.2 uploads pictures faster and you have an option to delete private moments and personal comments.

Version: 2.2

Publisher: TheIceBreak

Price: Free

Why spend money on couple therapy, when you have IceBreak for Couples. Download the app from here.