Kaspersky is a famous and one of the most used antiviruses in the security industry. It was developed at Kaspersky lab and you can buy a complete package or download free version to protect the system. Kaspersky is tested and provides protection from all types of computer threats. There are several versions available for personal and commercial uses. It also provides basic tools to protect the computer. It has a wide range of virus database and you need to update it at regular interval for complete protection. We describe its usability, advantage and disadvantage in this article.

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Usability of Kaspersky antivirus personal 2011:

There is several usability features of Kaspersky and some of them are as follows:

  • Provides automatic configuration during installation, wizards for common task, visual reports with charts and diagrams, automatic or interactive mode, 24/7 technical support.
  • Automatic database update if connected to Internet. It also provides information necessary for informed user decisison.


There are several advantages of Kaspersky antivirus personal 2011. Some of them are as follows:

  • Complete Spyware protection: Kaspeskey provides complete protection from Spyware and Adaware by blocking links for such malicious websites and blocking unwanted pop-ups.
  • Email scanning: It provide complete incoming and outgoing scanning from email to internet connections and instant messengers like ICQ and MSN. The utility also scans the complete operating system and software to check for any possible threats.

(Kaspersky Security Network),  Advanced Protection & Recovery,  The program can be installed on infected computers,  Self-protection from being disabled or stopped,  Restores correct system settings after removing malicious software,  Tools for creating a rescue disk,  Data & Identity Theft Protection,  Disables links to fake (phishing) websites,  Blocks all types of key loggers.


Like every computer application, Kaspersky also has some limitations like it has only 30 days trial period. After the 30 days trial period you need to buy the antivirus. After buying the complete package, you will get the full and updated version.

The Kaspersky antivirus personal 2011 require Intel core 2 duo with minimum 512 MB RAM, a CD ROM which can be useful for installation. You also need an internet connection to activate the antivirus. It works best with the Windows 7 and it displays the protection state and allows scan objects for threats.