Microsoft Security Essentials is freely downloadable software from Microsoft. It provides a real-time protection for Home PC’s against the virus, spyware and other malicious software. Microsoft Security Essentials 1.0 has a modified easy-to-use interface, but scan speed is less as the earlier versions. When it comes to detecting a malware, it can’t keep track with the newer antivirus product. It is well designed and easy to use software with simple installation process. But for users, who don’t have a genuine copy of windows might face problems as this software checks at the time of installation whether the copy of Windows is genuine or not. Genuine users need not to worry; they can go ahead and install it. And once done with the installation process, you will have a view of a well designed interface with four tabs: Home-shows you the status information, scan controls, update button if virus definitions are out-of-date; Update; History-logs of all scanned history; Settings.

As said, Microsoft Security Essentials 1.0 lags points when it comes for detecting a live malware as compared to other top free antivirus products. But if your PC is already infected it can clean your PC in a much better way as compared to the other top free antivirus products. It also lags far behind when the fact scan speed comes. In case of speed, the top performer is Avira Antivirus Personal. Even though its scan speed is slow, it has got moderately low impact on the PC’s overall performance. It runs silently and competently in the background without much effecting on the Pc’s performance and interruptions, which make the user free to use their PC in whatever manner they want.

The minimum system requirements for Microsoft Security Essentials 1.0 are as: genuine operating system (for XP-it should be sp2 or higher with min of 256 MB RAM and min CPU clock speed of 500 MHz; Vista-sp1 or higher with min of 1 GB RAM, min CPU clock speed of 1 GHz and min VGA display should not be less than 800*600), min hard disk space available should be 140 MB. Internet connection should be there in order to install Microsoft Essential 1.0 as well as to run updates. One of the new features is its Windows XP mode in Windows 7.

Microsoft Essential 1.0 has come with lots of added features which were not in the previous versions like Windows XP mode for Windows 7 users and likewise. Despite of these added features Microsoft has failed to sort out its main problem of its live malware detecting capability. Antivirus software is good when it is capable of taking care of its PC at any circumstances and keeps it safe. It performance is far ahead as compared to other free antivirus software in terms like interface, functions and when the PC is already infected, but fails to show the same performance when it comes to live protection and block attackers. Hope Microsoft will soon update all those features of Microsoft Essential 1.0 in which they are lacking behind and that users can blindly trust in this software.

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