At times we waste our time in writing or designing some professional documents like our Resume, Offer Letter, Cover letters etc but what of someone does it all for us. No need to wait for someone to do it for you because Microsoft has already done the same. If you have never noticed then please open Microsoft Word, go to the New option and then click on templates. Here you will find around 40 categories and each category has many templates for you to work upon. It has elegant style resume sample, it has Brochure, Envelopes, and design for almost every professional letter or document. All you need is to have a copy of your Microsoft office application suit and a working Internet connection. We need a working internet connection because these templates are not installed on your hard drive but are on the Microsoft Office Server. You can select the desired template and install it on your computer for current or future use.

In this post I will let you know how to download the templates and use them.

Step1: Open Microsoft Word and then if you get a new file opened automatically then click on the File menu and close it.

Step2: Click on the File Menu (in older versions) or click on the Office button and then click on New.

Step3: Click on Online templates.

Step4: Browse through the vast range of categories and then preview the available templates in it.

Step5: Click on the template of your choice and then on the Right side of the Window click on I Accept.

Step6: Word will start downloading the template for you. Wait for the download to finish and the new template will open up itself.

Step7: Change the sample text in the Template to your own and customize your document.

Step8: Save the newly edited document to a new document file and try not saving it to the same template as you might need it later.

After download the template will be available for you in the New File window under Installed Templates.

Using Microsoft Office’s templates is a good way to get noticed because they portray the actual professional style and how a professional document should look like. You can create your job resume using these templates which will speak by itself. This will help you in getting noticed just at a glance. There are some templates which can be used for tracking job searches and making note of every single bit so that you miss on nothing. Templates are uniquely designed to express your identity but this doesn’t mean that you cannot add more of yourself into your documents. These smartly designed templates are 100% editable and if you do not like the color or style of text then you can change it any time and make it personal. If you haven’t used Microsoft templates then I would suggest you try using them and you will make yourself noticed by many for sure.