You can easily turn your photos to amazing videos using photo to movie application, as Photo to Movie V 4.6.0 transfers photo into quick time movies. It turns photos with gentle zoom and pan across to turn into the movies. If you are using slide show to view your photos then use this application.

We will show you some key features of photo to movie application.

Motion Effects and Transitions

Photo to movie is a convenient tool, which is very easy to use. You can simply drag the photos from the media and drop them into the photo to movie main window pane. When you drop the photo in the application, it will automatically add motion effects and transitions between photos. It works almost similar to MS office, as you can also drag some music between the photos. You can also add some titles to describe your movies, and choose the format in which you want to save. You can save it and view it in different formats like imovies, iDVD or any time of application in which quick time movie runs. Press review button to see the video.


You can add some titles to describe the movie like if you are making a movie of friend pictures give title as friends. You can also choose font size, type of layout and color to fonts.


Add some soundtracks between photos. You can simply drag the music file and drop it between photos. Edit the soundtrack using timeline and crossfade music. Photo to the movie also gives you options to record your own voice narration and add the recorded audio to photos.

Motion paths:

You can zoom and rotate your photo along the way. Unlike MS office or other applications, Photo to Movie allows you to set the motion of the duration along the entire motion path, not just the individual segments. It will help you to set a steady motion speed of the photo path. You can set motion duration on a segment by segment basis. The most attractive feature is the option to spin the entire photo by setting the rotation angle greater than 360 degree.

Motion presets:

Motion preset is also a nice feature of this application, using this application you can make your photo as a Mac OS screen saver. If you are not satisfied with the automatic settings then you can move to manual settings to edit key frames and motion paths.

Standard or high-definition wide screen:

After creating the movie you will have an option to change the formats of the movie. You can change as you want from standard to high definition. Change the formats as iDVD, iMovies, CD movie or HDV to use in iMovies. The video size varies from 4:3 to 16:9.

You can easily download it on your computer and use it to convert your memories into a movie. It has lot of algorithms which makes this application very efficient and easy to use.