Tags are very important information which indicates to various information and keywords. It is mainly assigned to indicate some particular information either on websites or any digital data on your computer. In terms of Internet and websites, Tagging belongs to creating a place from where a user can look for frequently used and important keywords as a text or image. Further, users can simply click on the tool to visit the particular link. There are various online web development tools which can help you to add tags for your website or blog. Tagging can also be done on your personal computer to tag important office documents and files which help you to find mostly used file by just clicking the tag or searching for the particular tag in the search box.

One of such application available is Taggtool 3.2.4 which gives you all these functionalities. The tool has been developed and manufactured by Taggtool and the latest version was released on 24 October 27, 2010. Tagtool 3.2.4 will cost you $29.99 but it also available free for trial for 30 days.

Click here to download Taggtool 3.2.4.

Usability of Taggtool 3.2.4

Taggtool software provides you the functionality to manage and organize your file appropriately. Using this tool, you can make a catalogue of your personal file, media file like music, videos, images, etc. It is a boon for the users who has so many important files to work and is fed up searching the files using the standard Windows Explorer.

Advantages of Taggtool 3.2.4

Faster Search:

This utility makes the search option very faster. Once you tag all your important files, it becomes very easy to locate such file and lunch the desired applications.

Import Export metadata:

Taggtool 3.2.4 also provides an option to import and export metadata from any other computer over a network. Metadata is the additional digital information for example title, author, genre, album, artist will be the for any music file. So if you are importing any digital information over a network, you can also import the metadata for particular file or folder using this application.

There is also one great feature to preview the files like pictures, PDF documents, and any music file and provide you appropriate information to retrieve files.

You can also manage multiple and create multiple data base like a different database for Music files and tags and a different database for picture files and tags. This provides ease of file management.

Download and install Taggtool 3.2.4

Taggtool 3.2.4 is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. You will need to have the installation disk to installed the licensed version or you can go to the below mentioned link to download the free trial version of the application.

Taggtool 3.2.4 has emerged as a wonderful tool for tagging the personal files on your computer and you can get the maximum output f this software by just applying some simple logics.