Facebook is one of the most widely used and most popular social networking website. Though Facebook is in existence for quite some time now but has gained the maximum acceptability in just last couple of years. After Google, Facebook is the only site which has maximum number of visits per day and with such immense usage comes some kind of downtime and outages. Though the total timeout stands out to be very less but if we talk about the number if instances in last couple of years than it is quite high for Facebook. The number of outages which Facebook has observed in last couple of years is enough to catch the attention of media and to become news as it affects a lot of users worldwide.  Outage in year 2007 resulted in security breach and some users who tried hard were able to hack in to other user’s personal messages. This didint stop here and went large in year 2008 when the site was completely down for one whole day. Facebook tried minimising their internal failures by comparing their outage with the outages of other social networking sites and stated that outage seen by Facebook user’s is very less if compared with the same of other social sites. Again in year 2009 users experienced slow or no loading of their Facebook homepage. This was deliberately done by hackers who were trying to remove some specific communal pages from Facebook.

On last Wednesday Facebook users again complained that they were not able to access the website after entering their credentials and were receiving message “Internal Server Error”. In some regions and countries users could not find the “Like” button on pages – again an example of problem which Facebook is experiencing. Facebook answered such queries by telling the users that this problem is because of Latency issues with its API server and that too in their developer site. Whatever the reason may be but the fact was that many users faced difficulty in accessing Facebook again.

Now we came across some more problems in Facebook; over the last few days, Facebook has turned off its new Facebook Questions product for a significant portion of those who’ve had access since its beta launch on July 28th. When we access then we have been rolled back now see the old status publisher above their news feed, and no longer see the Questions navigation link in the home page left sidebar or the recent Questions panel in the right sidebar. While we always see, Facebook frequently turns on and off new products and features for small, unwitting tester bases, this large-scale roll back of a relatively widely used product is unusual.