The world’s only software fax server, XMediusFAX, transmits fax in real time using voice over IP gateways in which hardly any expensive hardware is required. You can integrate XMediusFAX with your outlook, Domino Notes and SMTP e-mail and in this way you can save much on your VOIP investment and start realizing the monitory gains from utilization of the software. You can also automate your document processing utilizing the benefit of production faxing. XMediusFAX is the world’s most appropriate software to give you double the ROI assuring you a secure fast and HIPAA compliant software.

Change the way faxing is done:

The enterprise edition of XMediusFAX is the first ever ‘boardless Fax Over IP (FoIP) server’ from which you benefit huge savings in form of unparalleled ROI by incorporating faxing into your existing Voice over IP (VOIP) infrastructure. For controlled and centralized faxing, XMediusFAX has unique contribution in your savings providing the feature to send your faxes directly to the users’ desktops with XMediusFAX providing instant fax delivery reports. XMediusFAX is being used by Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and financial institutions. The software provides a fast, secure, and easy transmission of faxes.

Significant Cost Savings:

If you have switched over to XMediusFAX from traditional faxing, you must have noticed that XMediusFAX boosts your productivity by 90% over your traditional way of faxing. XMediusFAX does not let you wait for the hardcopy or waiting in line for the fax machine to become available, and with guaranteed transmission of all the faxes. Traditional fax machines use your telecom line. XMediusFAX uses IP networks there-by reducing your running cost by 40%, and it provides savings of 100% when faxing long distance.

XMediusFAX replaces old fax lines and saves on your traditional fax hardware, and this reduces the cost of leasing, maintenance and supplies. Depending upon the fax volume of an organization uses, companies have been known to save thousands to millions of dollars a year.

The future of faxing:

Today IP telephony is growing and with its evolvement it is necessary for it to evolve being forwardly compatible. XMediusFAX supports Cisco, 3Com and Alcatel VoIP gateways, and provides a strong compatibility with legacy PCI fax boards. XMediusFAX runs on Windows NT and 2003. The clients should have Windows 95 or later versions. XMediusFAX supports other operating systems via e-mail gateways and the web client.