Three years ago when Google launched their Send-To-Car with BMW, a service developed on Google Maps, in which you send the destination maps directly to your car’s in-build navigation system directly from Google Maps, only few manufactures were willing to offer the service on their cars. Now with the huge positive response by users, more than fifteen car manufacturers in Unites States alone is ready to use it on all GPS in-build car models.

Send-To-Car around the World

Over 20 car manufactures around the world will be supporting Google’s Send-To-Car. This includes Ford’s Lincoln, and Ford’s SYNC enabled Mercury cars; several GM vehicles that is OnStar enabled, including GMC, Chevrolet, Buick, Saab, Cadillac, Hummer, Saturn and Pontiac. Close to fifteen manufactures in US alone and total of twenty manufactures of high-end cars in eighteen countries will be using the Google Send-To-Car GPS navigation system. Google’s Engineering and Product manager, Markus Muehlbauer wrote on the Google Lat Long blog, saying the car manufacturing industry and the technology has developed majorly in three years since Google launched the Send-To-Car product with BMW.

Replacing in-car navigators

With Google Send-To-Car, drivers can search destinations and directions using any mobile or even home computer and send it to the car’s GPS system. You can type a destination that you want into the Google Map search and choose the open send, once you click on send you will be given with several choices and choose the car you want to send the map, along with the details of the car. You will be able to access the information from the car’s navigation system. Once you are familiar with the sending, the feature does replace the regularly used in-car navigators, since you can be assured the directions and destinations are almost always right and also helps in reducing time used by in-car navigation to find the closest match of your destination choice.

Features of Send-To-Car

Using all the available features of Google Maps, Send-To-Car also let not just send directors to your destination choice, but also lets you print maps and driving directions; receive and edit directions using the Map Maker; it also lets you customise the destinations; collate multiple locations from your current to several stops along the way; along with the possibility of seeing and using the walking, biking and public transport options. Before or after you send the destination map to your car’s navigation system you can also see street view on the Google Maps to determine the traffic on the roads planned.

Along with estimated driving costs and possibility of saving and retrieving saved locations. The Google maps also ensure high privacy for its users. More car manufactures will soon be allowing it on their Car models, as soon as each country is fully updated with all possible locations. Currently Google Maps only gives full listing of certain countries, at the same time allowing more features in other countries.