It is general knowledge that the iPhone 4 have been hammered thoroughly because of a few reasons. One of them is the death grip. With Verizon’s major release for the Droid X, will it be causing turnovers?

The issue with the iPhone 4

The iPhone 4 has been a rave when it was released. But apparently, like a majority of products out in the market, issues come out, and apparently, the developers try to fix. The main issue with the iPhone 4 is the death grip. It simply lowers your phone’s mobile signal whenever you grip or hold your phone in a certain manner, or a certain part.

Apple’s explanation is it is due to the concealed antenna, which is apparently “blocked” every time you hold the certain are of your phone. Apple released a fix for this that was said to be included in the recently released operating system, the iOS 4.1. But the iPhone owners begged to differ. It was not a remedy; it was just a correction on the signal strength bar.

Droid X, the new hype

The Droid X was the latest addition to Motorola’s Droid series. The release was under the telecommunications giant Verizon. The release was highly anticipated, especially by a majority of youth. It is said to boast a lot of goodies in the bag such as HDMI connectivity, meaning it can take and display full high definition pictures and videos with its 8 megapixel camera; a 4.3in high resolution screen; it runs with the Google developed operating system Android 2.1; and being handled by Verizon Wireless, it can tread though the web with ease. Great package isn’t it? But what matters is the timing.

The match

The iPhone can probably do everything that the Droid X can do, except that the latter is relatively newer, making it a little bit more advanced. But the main threat is the time the Droid X was released: which is when the iPhone is in lots of hot water. For instance, to counter with the iPhone’s death grip issue, Droid X was advertised to have dual internal antennas, making it a fair enough match for the iPhone.

These dual antennas are attached to the sides of the Droid, so you can use it to call or browse without worrying where to lad your hands on it. With a full media advertisement at hand, the Droid X makes iPhone look bad by comparison.

Let’s face it; everyday, experts tend to develop something that other people needs and wants. And iPhone was indeed a great gadget on its time. But issues came out and resolves were tried to be released, but the problem remains.

With the release of a newer gadget that promises a difference and more advanced features than the first one, which would you choose? If you have the bucks to take care of the bills, would you rather stay with your problematic phone, or go for a new one that apparently looks perfect. There are a lot to consider folks, so let’s just stop, and think of it for a while.