Modern era can be rather called a “Tech savvy” one where people are dependant mostly on highly integrated and highly defined gadgets. In the yesteryears’, we have witnessed certain great innovations hitting the market of mobile phones. With the introduction of the Smart phones, meaning of mobile phones has undergone a drastic change. We have witnessed pioneers like HTC, Motorola and Samsung giving their customers a wide variety to choose from. In the recent past, HTC and Motorola have both loaded the markets with HTC Droid Incredible while Motorola has launched Droid X. Both of these smart phones run on Android 2.1 platform. The first glance, says that they both seem to be similar because of large and wide screen, however technically the story is quite different.

Let us pen down to some technical & Design features of both.

Droid X and Droid Incredible have got an 8 MP (Mega pixel) cameras, but when it comes to the ability of video recording, Droid X leads its way. Droid X can not only record video in HD (High definition) but also has an HDMI output in it. Talking about the “storage” aspect we see both have an Internal Memory of 8 GB, while Droid X can support up to 32 GB from a total of 40 GB micro SD card. Whereas, Droid Incredible supports memory only up to 16 GB of an additional 24 GB card. The Droid X’s display is 4.3 inch in dimension with 854×480 pixels in display while Droid Incredible has 3.7 inch with 800×480 pixel screen. The Droid Incredible is not availing an “Image stabilisation” while the Droid X has an Image stabilization option. Now throwing some light on “multi tasking” and Talk time, Droid X and Incredible both allow multi tasking while in the “Talk time” area, Droid X again leads with 8 hours but HTC’s Droid remains content with 5.2 hours only. Droid Incredible has an stand by time of 149 hours while the Droid X has gigantic 220 hours support.

Both smart phones are black in colour which is the only similarity between the two. Droid X is carved out of a metal giving it a solid and durable feeling in hand. But, thanks to its soft-touch coating Droid X is more comfortable to hold. When it comes to Droid Incredible it is again vanquished by Droid X in terms of durability and holding feeling. Droid Incredible is made up of plastic coating and weighs less than 0.88 oz, hence reducing its durability.  But highlight of HTC’s Droid Incredible is its WVGA resolution AMOLED display which enables its high contrast ratio, thus allowing excellent view from all angles and completes the black-levels of it.

Nevertheless, both the smart phones are ready to provide their users’ with incredible and outstanding service. One can chose from the two depending on his/her taste; however, when it comes to technical aspects we find that Motorola’s Droid X is in the race of over taking the HTC’s Droid Incredible. Ultimately the choices are yours, but keep in mind the above aspects to make your choice a better one to choose from.