Eyeing the upcoming Cloud-based storage service from Google named Drive, Dropbox and Microsoft Skype updated their offerings to lure users. Google Drive is going to provide several useful features, such as 5GB of storage space, desktop folders, etc. to make Cloud-sharing a fun.

Dropbox users will now be able to share their files and folders via a link. This feature will make the service more user-friendly and accessible. According to Dropbox, “This means that people who follow your link can see pictures, look at presentations, and watch home videos without having to download and open them separately.” Dropbox is by far the king of Cloud-storage domain and with these updated features it has surely given more reasons to its users to keep using the service.

On the other hand, Microsoft has upgraded the Skype offering as well. It is now offering new apps for better desktop syncing and remote access. But, it has reduced the free storage space from 25GB to 7GB.

All-in-all, the launch of Google Drive will surely intensify the war between these companies and in turn provide more goodies for the users.