Dropbox application remains one of the most useful applications available to Mac users today even though it as also available to users of other systems. The cross platform application is also adaptable for Linux, Windows, Android, Palm Pre and Windows Mobile systems. Dropbox won an award in the 2010 Ars Design Awards under the Most Innovative Mac OS X App category.

Dropbox recently announced the release of a new API. Adam Gross, the Senior VP of Dropbox Marketing and Sales told Ars that the API was not released earlier because, recently the company have to contend with two main design problems when creating a new application as opposed to one in the past. The API has to be designed to adapt with a desktop API and a mobile API. He is quoted as saying that a Web API will require significantly more intricate semantics to indicate the relationship of the service and the state of the desktop.


He gave an example involving the creation of a photo uploading service, which involves organizing files into a folder and then having them automatically processed to be posted to Ars. To create such an application, they will have to create the right set of APIs without reducing user experience. Another issue he pointed out is how to know when it is over if some processing is involved.

The company is proud of its new API and credits its success to the help of its user community. Dropbox depends on their users to bring in more referrals. They do not spend much money on advertising but offers its users extra free space for each referral. This way the users of the forum help the forum to grow. According to Adam Gross, it pays them better to concentrate on making the community users more successful so that they can reciprocate the gesture than to spend money on advertising campaigns such as Adwords.

Market Focus

Much of the forum community consists of Mac users. Focusing on PC-one applications would have been unsuitable for the community according to Gross. The emphasis was thus placed on tech community such as the Digg community and the Ars community, and these communities tend to be Mac-ish-ness. This is a factor why Dropbox, according to Gross never considered the option of not being on Mac.

Gross says that a large number of new users discovered the service from the App Store using their iPad or iPhone.  The openness of the company to iProducts has thus helped them to grow because users of iPad use the service quite differently from users of other mobile applications.

There is a lot of anticipation for the new API. It promises to offer users more functionality and use. Users will be able to do more with their Dropboxes and enjoy some functions already available on Android on the new iPhone 4 and iOS. They application makes it possible to take photos and probably also video, and load them directly into the Dropboxes. This will make reduce the need of large storage space. Users can only wait and see if the new Dropbox API is deserving of the award.