With each passing day we see that a new kind of technology is getting introduced in the market and there are a lot of aspects that are surrounded with it as it can help to make life a lot easier for people. With the advancement of technology the life has become very smooth for the general public. With every new technology we see that there is an addition to the previous feature and there is also a need for the constant supply of new technology with the products.

In the recent times we did see that there was a serious uproar in the media channel and in the cyber world over a controversial email that was leaked in the media. We did see that in the last week there was a email that was sent out by Sprint to the entire press community inviting them to an event which was termed as release of the “industry first”. Well this is one aspect that did create a huge confusion in the media community and people started discussing about the product a lot more than it was expected and one of the reasons was the lack of clarity in the statement from the Sprint. They made an announcement of releasing “industry first” and this was one aspect that was not clear to many when it was said for the first time.

As the entire event let a lot of people confused so as a result we saw that the internet went crazy over this issue and trying to find what this “industry first” could be. Some people thought it to be iPhone 4, but then why was all Android sites were invited? Well, now at least we have some facts and information about how the entire thing could be- a dual screen Android tablet.

According to the company sources the product will be a device which will be released on the 7thand will have the following features:

The device will have a large screen and it will be somewhere between Galaxy Tab and Evo. This is a typical Android features and how the device looks.

The device will have dual screens- the primary and secondary screen with the latter flipping up from the back like a hinge. There is no proper info about the function of the second screen.

There was also no official info or data regarding the voice capability. It is still very unclear as to what it is really and there are features that people can expect that a typical Android does not possess. It can be some kind of slate or tablet as well and this is one aspect that must be properly considered by all before buying this product.

There is also a matter that needs to be noted and it is the fact of the HTC preparing for a 3D device release and there are a lot of talks that are doing the rounds for sure.