Not everyone can come up with a feat where they can make do with the hardware and software at hand and yet showcase some triumphing photos. But if you thought that this was not possible, then you thought wrong. Not too long ago the Paris 26 Gigapixels had been created, and it was a fitting tribute for The City of Love, Magic and Fashion. Frankly in these days and time where competition not only spells success but also fame, fortune and the love of doing what you want to. It was only obvious that the Paris 26 Gigapixels would be left far behind with something even more creative and big.

Gerald Donavan, a photographer by profession seemed to have wanted to capture the city of Dubai with an unbelievable 45 gigapixels. We bet, no one had even thought about taking pictures of Dubai let alone at this time of the year when the sun is beating down your backs and just heating everything up. Stand for a few minutes in the Gulf sun and you would think that your body will just melt off like wax. Donavan needs to be given double credit not only for the amazingly beautiful Dubai 45 gigapixels but also for taking this beautiful picture in the hot blazing sun.

Donovan managed to capture the beautiful once fishing town of Dubai and now a shoppers paradise and city with magnificent structures with his Canon 7D. He didn’t jus get lucky with a single shot, he had to take around 4.250 photos and all this in a time frame of three and a half hours. Donovan uses a 100 – 400 mm fl4.5-5.6 L zoom lens along with the 40mm.

After accomplishing what he did, Donovan described his feat in his blog and mentioned the grueling three and a half hours that he had to painstakingly stand under the heat of the sun, just for a complete panoramic photo that would be his Dubai 45 gigapixels. He took this beautiful picture from the Ubora Towers in the business Bay at Dubai. The heat was 37C or 98 degree in the shade and was so immense Donovan says that the camera and the lens had gotten too hot to handle by the time the shoot ended. The picture is a clear depiction of the field of view that is around 220.0 degrees in width and 0.0 degrees in height.

Heat was not the only issue Donovan had to face the air quality in Dubai too at this time of the year which was the 23rd of April is not that great. Working with these conditions could term the 45 gigapixels Dubai view photo an artistic brilliance. However Donovan says that he still regards the Paris 26 gigapixels was a far better experience and the interface too was splendid.

Well that’s Donovan’s point of view and we have to give him that credit, but one look at the Dubai caught in 45 gigapixels and you will know that it’s a masterpiece to reckon with. The only thing that we are desperately for now is some electrifying photos of a few other cities.