Let’s say you’re in a video collaboration project that involves other people from other countries. With air travel rates rocketing, this seems to be an expensive and unpractical venture. However, web storage or FTP space has solved that problem for quite some time now. The problem is finding a service that offers versatility and ease of use at the same time.

DupeBox offers an easy to use program for syncing multiple computers across the globe. All it needs is for you to download its no-frills program and set up your account. This can be done with an interface that is user intuitive. With its cross platform support, an iPhone app and file versioning , Dupebox offers a practical solution for people who wants access to their files without carrying a bulky physical storage device.

It does not limit itself to being a storage space though. It also serves as a backup tool for any files that you want to be automatically saved. It also has file versioning where it automatically saves different versions of your file as changes are made to it. Don’t have Internet when you edited your work? It automatically saves the new version of your file when you go online. Syncing only saves the new changes so uploading won’t hog your bandwidth. The caveat though is you have to save it in the specific folder that Dupebox has set—usually the My Dupebox folder inside My Documents.

How many times has it ever happened to you that you deleted a file and later regretted doing it? Dupebox also has an online undelete function so you can get back your files.

The 2 GB free service itself is adequate enough for users that don’t really need more than that. Another thing that can make you skip and hop is the additional 250 MB storage if you convince someone to go on board Dupebox, too. You could do this until you have another 3GB of storage. Not bad since all you need for capital is your charms. If you have opted for the $9. 99 50GB service though, you could earn another 6 GB through using your people skills.

You can also have access to your files anywhere in the world even if the Dupebox program is not installed in your current computer. By logging in to your account at its site, you can see every computer that is synced with the program.

What about file security then? Dupebox puts two folders in your computer, one for the files you want to be synced and one Public folder which contains all of the links to your uploaded file. Other users can view them only if you invite them through their email addresses. It also uses AES-256 for encryption file transmissions. But then again, the web being riddled with security, it wouldn’t hurt if you take additional steps for the security of your files.


Dupebox free service is almost as good as the paid services. All you need is a litter charisma and you can have a maximized data storage and back up tool in your hands. If your obsessive compulsive about putting everything in its right folder though, Dupebox will seem irksome but still functional for you.


The Free service is already enough for a simple user and you can earn up to 3G of additional web space through teferrals.