CoroWare is a small setup of developing software applications for the benefits of their targeted consumers in different fields. CoroWare setup whose headquarter is in Redmond, Washington was established in 2003 by David Hyams and Lloyd Spencer. In 2006 it became a subsidiary of public corporation Innova Holdings, and came to be known as Innova Robotics & Automation but as time passed Innova became a CoroWare Incorporation. CoroWare technologies are owned as a whole subsidiary of CoroWare Inc. The founders were fully dependent on their computer innovators who were experts in computer or networking industries.

The main purpose of the CoroWare is to focus on communication and automation system and generate revenue for the company by developing the Enterprise Business Solutions. They provided their services in many fields such as enterprise business solutions, mobile robotics, media services and lab management.

One of the great innovations of CoroWare is a 4 wheeled mobile robotic line also known as CoroBot. The CoroBot is a mobile robot of 20 pounds that carries two optional operating systems, two sharp IR distance sensor, webcam, wireless Ethernet card and other necessary sensors.

CoroWare NameTag:

On July 28,2010 a new innovation with the name of CoroWare NameTag  was placed in market by the CoroWare Inc, software allows the users to do a multi person video conferencing call by using the applications skype5.0 and CoroCall.

The basic objective of launching such software in market is to make access easy for arranging video conferencing in most effective or efficient way by saving the precious time of users. In the video conferencing, multi-persons can join meeting without any hurdles or problems by experiencing the high definition webcam facility. Businessman can join different gatherings or conferences with the help of NameTag by using the solution skype5.0 or CoroCall or can easily keep records of meetings and the joint venture of partners in different projects. Through the help of CoroWare NameTag partners can easily recognize themselves by their names, objectives, titles, locations organization logo during meeting.

In summation we can define the NameTag solution in such way that it is a complete and compact package for those business entities who want to do their business dealing in one go by adopting a useful method of video conference in clear way by keeping the meeting minutes record or goals. With the help of solution users can get the old conferences record data which should be helpful in future conferences regarding different aspects. The key objective and reason of CoroWare NameTag solution is to provide a platform on which the members can join the meeting anywhere in the world or stay connected with the whole party without any hurdle.

Therefore the software launch out on Windows Microsoft XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 desktop level and the free trial version of 30 days are available to consumers for the practical contact with and observations of facts or events so that the users can learn to operate the software in a well known or effective way as per their choice.