The Droid X smartphone went on sale at 12:01 am on Friday July 16. The smartphone, which is currently iPhone’s toughest competitor had eager customers lining up outside Columbia, Md., Verizon wireless stores to have a chance to be counted as some of the first to purchase it.

Word from clients.

According to some of the early buyers who were interviewed, most of the features contained in the Droid X outshine those of iPhone by far.

Most of them said that the large screen was a big draw. Others praised the touchscreen’s responsiveness, the 1.0-GHz processor, just to mention but a few.

“It has a large screen than the iPhone and the touchscreen keyboard is very responsive,” Said Danny Choi, one early buyer who purchased his near Miami and was asked by phone, comparing it to the iPhone’s 3.5-inch screen.

He went on to say, “I have used the iPhone and I found its touchscreen keyboard hard to use.” After spending a few minutes with the Droid X, he found the ‘swipe typing’ application helpful and quick for message-writing.

Another medical student interviewed said that he planned to use it for school work, research and social networking.

In terms of connection, some AT&T users have registered complains about network reception while on the other hand, Choi had no connection problems over at Verizon’s on an older Samsung phone.

Product hype

Verizon, Motorola and Google hyped the product before it went on sale. The even went on to air an unusual 60-second brainteaser advert on a National TV broadcasts. This was a night before sales begun. In the advert, the last bit shows pressure-suit clad actors in a corridor, before confronting a floating crystal. The final part is a blackout with the word “Tomorrow” and “Droid X.”

Another of Droid X’s TV adverts which begun airing a few days back, involve a close-up on human eyes which later turn to robotic steel lens.

The early and high turnout exited Verizon official. According to the officials, the Droid X had sold out in some store. This should not worry customers as they can place orders and have them delivered to their homes. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the late adverts might have worked on the trio’s side.

Features expected

The Droid X, created by Motorola goes for $200. Buyers can debate with the sellers for a two year service agreement. Currently it runs Google’s Android version 2.1 Operating System. There are reports that this will be upgraded to version 2.2 over the air. This is expected to happen by late August.

As of now, its users can download Adobe’s Flash 10.1 media player onto the gadget.

Word from above.

“The latest TV commercial is just one of our many installments in an ongoing campaign to promote the phone.” This was from Brenda Raney, Verizon Wireless Spokeswoman. “Future ads will look different, but we will try to stay with the same theme of showing how consumers are being transformed by Droid X.”

Analysts predict that the Android community will go to great lengths for the sake of selling Droid X. “X is their answer to the iPhone.” Said Jack Gold, Principal analyst at J.Gold Ass. LLC. Gold said that he will be watching Droid’s sale a compare to the iPhone 4. “I think tat the X will do very well.”