The iPad was released on January 2010 and within a few months has managed to catch the interest of gadget freaks all over the world. Owning that the prestigious tablet just shows how tech savvy you are, of course, why not, with the latest in your hands who wouldn’t want to show off the latest buzz that Apple Inc’s created.

Have you undergone an experience whereby you have the tablet with you which is also considered to be one of the best mobile devices for business purposes, yet couldn’t check emails just because there was no connectivity in that area. The iPad however is said to take care of those little technical snags that other gadgets have. The iPad supports both the Wi-Fi as well as 3G systems which undoubtedly are an excellent way to make sure that you do not loose connectivity with the virtual world even when you are travelling to places where there is no Wi-Fi connection.  The maximum speed that you can achieve through the iPad 3G system is 7.2 Mbps which is applicable throughout the world. Just imagine a situation where you need to send a few important business files, but cannot access your e-mail as there is no Wi-Fi connectivity in that area. Unimaginable right, but the truth is there are several countries who do not have the money to set up hi-speed Wi-Fi zones. This was a major drawback in most gadgets especially laptops where you had mobility but when it came to internet connectivity on the go, you had to rely on Wi-Fi zones or hot spots.

You will love using the iPad, especially the feature where you can seamlessly switch between Wi-Fi networks to 3G and yes you don’t have to worry about the kind of connection. You are stuck with the best connection that there ever was, and if you know 3G networks, you would already know that it is super fast. What fun it would be to access emails, upload files photos and even access information on the internet as super lightning speed.

If you are in the United States and are familiar with the deal between Apple iPhone and AT&T then you would know that you are bound by a contract. If you think that this has been extended to the iPad as well, then you are in for a surprise. What you would love about this new deal between the network providers and Apple iPad is that you can get your 3G services by subscribing for a monthly subscription fee.

It’s like a pre-paid service for the amount of data you would use in a particular month. At present there are two schemes available the 250 MB plan and the unlimited. If you think you are a high internet user then the unlimited plan works perfectly well. However if your usage is limited and you don’t think you would exceed 250MB then choosing the 250MB plan is an excellent deal. You get messages that inform you of every detail like data limit reached, upgrade opportunities, manage account etc.