The Oracle 10 G is a database system which the organizations use for the purpose of storing large amounts the data which is interrelated. This program makes use of the relation system which is a part of the database management. This means that it is used for connecting different entities of the database that are based on how they are related to one another. While the database of Oracle is built by keeping the OS like the Linux in mind, the other version for the Windows Vista operating system is also available which can be easily downloaded from the web site of Oracle.

Getting started

For the sake of downloading open the web browsing program on your computer with the help of clicking on the icon of desktop. Click the navigation tool bar for the address and type in the address for the web site of Oracle database. Press enter and then let the page to be downloaded completely. After this click on the link of Products and Services which is present below the logo of Oracle on the upper left side of the Oracle web site. Then click on the link of the Oracle Database which appears in the new menu which is present below the tab of products and services.

Express Edition Link

After this scroll down to the heading of Oracle database editions and options. After this click on the link of express edition which is present at the lower right hand side of the area. Move to the center of the new web page which would be loaded and then click on download Oracle 10 G database. Click on the link of Download Oracle 10 G database for Microsoft Windows. After agreeing to the license agreements wait for the new page to be loaded. Click on x64 link for showing your version compatibility with the Vista OS. After this you should enter the user name as well as the password for the Oracle and if you do not already have it then you should sign up button to get a user name.

Downloading the installation file

As soon as the new window appears then click on the button of Save File. Close the web browser and then the start button present at the lower left hand side of the desktop. Click the icon of computer and then move to the place where the downloaded files were saved. Double click the file which has been downloaded.

Process of installation

Click on the button of Allow when a new window, which asks for allowing the program to run, is brought up by the Windows Vista operating system. Click the button on Next and then click on the radio button for agreeing to the terms and conditions and click next one more time. Write the password which you wish to use with the database into the text field for the password and after this click on the button of next. After you are done click on the button of install for finishing the process of installation.