A new hope has surfaced for paraplegics as Kessler Foundation is looking forward to help them using the exoskeleton gear made by Ekso Bionics.

Advanced medical instruments have a vital role to play in the lives of millions of people. This October, the researchers at Kessler Foundation (the largest public charity that supports the disabled) tested the efficiency of some exoskeleton rigs, developed by Ekso Bionics, on six patients who suffered from paralysis. The trial ran for one week under complete supervision. The whole study comprised of five paraplegics and one tetraplegic, who aged between 27–45 years, and had sustained the trauma for 4–48 months by the time. The observation was aimed to analyze the impact of walking on the overall conditions of the patients as well as the significance of its role in restoring their health. A more detailed examination would be conducted by the research team sometime early in the coming year, under the guidance of Gail Forrest, Ph.D., who is the interim director of Human Performance and Movement Analysis Laboratory at Kessler Foundation Research Center and an Assistant Professor at the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey.

“We will look at the effects of standing and walking for people with paralysis due to spinal cord injury. Whether there are physiologic changes taking place, and what those changes mean in terms of functional improvement.” While the study at Kessler will focus on the benefits of Ekso in rehabilitation settings, Ekso Bionics also plans to explore the potential for home and community use,” said Dr. Forrest.

The exoskeleton gear, powered by a battery, is expected to serve as a great support for the paraplegics during their training for locomotion control, epidural stimulation and other rehabilitation techniques. With the ever-evolving medical technology, some miracles might already be on their way. Meanwhile, the following video can provide a hope of some relief to those who have bravely faced the trauma each day and night.

Read the press release from Ekso Bionics.

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