Emulex Corporation has announced that it is going to formulate a partnership with Dell for producing 10Gb/ s Ethernet chip which could enhance the productive market of high speed internet world. Emulex’s new OneConnect™ Universal Converged Network Adapters (UCNAs) is chosen by Dell for 10 Gb/s Internet Small Computer System Interface (ISCSI) and Ethernet connection which is specified by Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE). These products are available in Dell PowerEdge™ franchises and open for the use of all types of Dell iSCSI and Fibre chanel system. Emulex OneConnect UCNAs are enveloped with blending of network and storage management accessories with more efficiency and they don’t affect the management domains and servers.

Dell-Emulex partnership is a milestone in the connectivity and network market which can set up a new goal for others to produce the more accelerated products in cheap cost. These products enable the customers with a opportunity to use consolidated network and storage advantage in a very moderate price line. In a press release Emulex announced a approximate save of the users with their products:

Service Costs save up to (%)
Switches, adapters and rack space 28%
Power and cooling 42%
cabling 80%

“The aim of Dell and Emulex are to elongate and ease the Ethernet market with flexible, fast and cheap products” said Steve Daheb, CEO and senior VP of business development, Emulex. “The increased performance of 10Gb/s iSCSI over 1Gb/s iSCSI and the hardware offload support that Emulex’s OneConnect iSCSI UCNAs offer allow end users to get the most out of their Dell iSCSI infrastructure, resulting in increased data center consolidation, virtualization and operational efficiency.”

Sally Stevens, the vice president of Product Group Platform Marketing, Dell Inc. stated “Dell is trying to lead the ISCSI market from the front and to employ this vision this agreement could be a giant step. Dell is looking forward to offer the customers with high level performance and consolidation based on 10Gb/s network convergence with iSCSI and FCoE on a single network , thus the hardware of Emulex could be the best solution.”

OneConnect UCNA is a unique product in the arena of network connection as this single chip adapter has the ability to give full hardware protocol with a support for TCP or IP, ISCSI and FCoE. In fact it is stated as the world’s fastest Ethernet network solution by Pulse™ which took the speed of 1Gb/ s to 10Gb/ s. On the other hand it gives a great opportunity to consolidate network and storage infrastructure successfully without any change in domain management.

Dell and Emulex have made this bond with a motive to reach the cutting edge faster and high performance products with less cost. Their endless effort will create more competition in the market and will pave to produce more sophisticated products for network connection.