Everybody likes playing games and with advanced level of graphics and concepts, games are available for every age group. Computers have really changed the way people used to keep themselves busy while gaming. Gaming was earlier considered a thing for kids, but now I am sure you would also be fond of any particular game or any game style. Microsoft has always included several games in all of its operating systems. Games like minesweeper, solitaire etc have always been a part of Windows operating systems and are available in the latest operating system of Windows 7. If we see the game, style, graphics and usability a lot has changed now. Vista was launched after quite a long time gap which was served by Windows XP and in Vista Microsoft introduced a whole new set of games which had intuitive interface and expanding range of titles for all age groups. Games released in Windows Vista and Windows 7 are of completely different approach than those available in earlier versions of Windows and these games though complex, but can be played with great ease.

Gaming has turned into a complete different aspect of computing. Now there are so many options that you can try at low rates. If you don’t want to play the pre-installed games in Windows then you can go for online games. These online games are mostly free of cost but if charged then you can select among various subscription plans. You don’t want to have a long term plan then go for a monthly plan which will be comparatively very inexpensive. Playing online games is quite beneficial if you have an old computer because these online games don’t demand much of the hardware configuration. So you can enjoy games on the same old computer of yours without spending in new hardware upgrades. If you wish to have some good games installed locally on your computer then the prerequisite will be to make your computer support that game. Games available these days are really rich in graphics and 3d modulation and demand high end graphic hardware. You can also get some cool gaming devices like wireless game pads and other kind of game controllers to give a real touch into your gaming.

With the commencement of online gaming even the casual gaming has gone through a massive change. Now the casual games available in Windows can be played online with friends. To learn more about this feature and how to use this you should know about the Windows Live accounts which have made this possible. Now the simple casual games like Solitaire can also be played with friends and you can challenge your friends into it. Casual gaming has always been the first steps towards the gaming world as the games available in the operating systems are the ones which anybody plays first. By associating the online feature in these casual games you can play these games in more realistic world because then you would be challenging your friend in a game of chess and not just a dumb computer.