Good news to Android phone users; they can now access satellite radio right on their phones. The satellite radio service provider, SIRIUS XM Radio Incorporated has been providing radio services for users of other types of electronic devices such as the iPhone, the iPod and the Blackberry based phones. The service is also available on the internet and does not need an additional hardware receiver.

The Satellite radio service is accessed via an application, provided by the service providers for the various platforms. SIRIUS and XM, two different companies working together under the name SIRIUS XM to provide the satellite radio service on smart devices, recently announced an application that will allow users of Android based phones to access the satellite radio service.

The satellite radio service is run with a total of 7 satellites in the earth’s orbit. The two companies providing the service each has ground spare identically constructed to satellites of the first generation. A newer satellite was also launched by the International Launch Services named the Radiosat-5. It is however not clear if all these satellites are compatible with each other or not.

Unlike ordinary radio services, the Sirius XM radio service is provided at a fee. Users are required to pay monthly subscription fees, depending on the kind of service and the stations they have access to. Online subscribers are however not required to pay fees for accessing the service on their smart devices. New subscribers on the Android based phones are given a 7-day free trial, after which they will start paying.

Sirius XM transmits music channels, news channels and others, but not necessarily producing themselves. For instance, Clear Channel Communications owns six of the channels transmitted; Bollywood & Beyond, The Pink Channel, Nashville!, Rock@Random, MIX and KISS-XM. These stations are transmitted solely for XM and air commercials too. Sirius XM also produces some of the programs transmitted on its own. Its channels include Top 20 on 20, The Groove, Pop2K, The Village and Cinemagic. It also produces SIRIUS XM Hit 1 exclusively.

The Sirius XM application for android keeps track of the last channel the user listened to and runs that when the user re-launches the application. It is automatically muted when a phone call is placed or is incoming into the device and is resumed afterwards. The Application also allows multiprocessing, allowing users to do other things like adding to contacts or using the calculator whiles radio is still running. The time for buffering and general interruptions is minimized. User help is simplified and easily accessible. The interface is user-friendly and learn-ability is high.

There are however other things users may want to see in the Sirius XM application that are not there. The first identifiable problem is the time taken to switch between channels. It takes about 10 seconds for the new channel to buffer. The application is available for download through the Sirius XM, but could be made accessible from many other sources.

On the whole, the Sirius XM for Android phones is a good way of entertainment for Android phone users.