When you are surfing the net, what do you usually do? Do you play games and watch videos online? Do you read e-books and search for some info on a certain topic? Or do you use Facebook instead?

Facebook Attractions

Farmville, Restaurant City and Like- these are only few of the things that make Facebook a craze in the social media networking world. Facebook is very famous in the World Wide Web due to its services and interesting applications that users could use and enjoy with.

The four people who are responsible for bringing up Facebook in the face of the earth are Chris Hughes, Dustin Moskovitz, Eduardo Savarin and Mark Zuckerberg. Launched in 2004 which has first started to be offered to Harvard students, Facebook now has more than ever proud to have 400 million users worldwide. With the rise of popularity of the social media networking site and with the hundreds of millions of people making use of it, no wonder authorities are being cautious about the probable illegalities that Facebook might be doing. An example of this is the latest controversy on the privacy policies that Facebook has. Different authorities from different countries are asking for explanation and further simplification from the side of the networking site.

Amidst the hullabaloos and the popularity of Facebook, it is simply something that makes up the life of a normal person in this techie world. There is even a simple joke among users that Facebook is our life or that for students, there are only two thing, school then Facebook. This shows that Facebook truly has invaded the lives of the people of the world today.

Facebook Benefits

The first thing that is really beneficial for users is the fact that Facebook becomes an avenue for socializing which is primary the main use of a social media networking site. With the existence of Facebook, many old friends were reunited, long-distance friends are kept together as the distance does not really matter and that, personal disagreements and misunderstandings are reconciled. This may or may not have been just romanticized but on the other hand, it simply is a way for people to keep in touch as much as possible.

There are many ways for which users could get in touch with each other. They could post messages on each other’s wall, send private messages or simply chat in the Facebook. Another simple way of keeping in touch is by simply taking not of each other’s updates, statuses, posted photos and videos.

Other ways for which users can become really addicted with the networking site are the games that it provides. Farmville, Restaurant City and Mob Wars are considered to be the most famous of all the games. Other games are the Pet Society, Café World and Tycoons. Different games are offered to all users and it would up to the users on which games to play. And the best thing is that they are free.

Social media networking sites are very influential considering the fact that people are registered and using them. These sites being a part of everyone’s lives, it is no wonder that advertisements are flooding the sites and that many people would want to use it for promotion services.