Hidden Reflex is an Indian startup company that has decided to launch its first ever web browser from India. Epic is designed to host many features and applications that will impress the World Wide Web audience. It has something that none of us has ever even heard of; an integrated virus protection in your web browser.

This built-in antivirus and antispyware feature is powered by ESET. The browser has its own sidebar with different widgets that are already installed beforehand. These include skins, maps, news, jobs, Gmail, Yahoo, games and various others. Epic has stated that there have been 1500 free applications that you can add on your new Epic browser.

Indian language support is all-encompassing when you are using Epic. Users are able to choose among 1500+ Indian themes which include browser-based wallpapers. The India content in the sidebar includes everything ranging from the latest news headlines to the regional news and even live TV and cricket commentaries. This is the first browser that will include a suite of productivity applications which will include 1500+ free and user-installable side bar applications which can be bought at the Epic Apps Store.

Epic Browser Possibly the Best on the Market

The social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Orkut have also been included in the sidebar. This is where you can log in to your accounts and continue working on whatever it is you are working on. There are also several utility functions in the Epic Browser which will leave the customers very satisfied. Included in its package is a free word processor, a to-do tool, Snippet application, a timer and the most important function of all, a way to access your files and folders from the browser itself.

About Indic

They have an application called Indic which will allow you to type using many different Indian languages. Hidden Reflex has announced that the browser supports 12 Indian languages as of now. The browser also has a feature that allows you to watch videos from YouTube using a small window which will allow you to browse other sites while you are watching videos.

Epic Web Browser was built on Mozilla Firefox and is customized to accommodate all the needs of Indian users. The look, feel and speed of the new Epic Browser are definitely worth looking into. You can get the browser at http://www.pcworld.in/download/epic-browser.

Open Source manages to be of great assistance when they are competing against the big time competitors in the browser market. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is seen going on tits way down because of the combination of bugs, regulatory bodies asking MS to get a browser ballot and other browsers that are gaining market share. Apple’s Safari, Google Chrome, opera and Mozilla Firefox are just some of the browsers that are waiting to pick on the clients and gain their share in this profitable market.

Everyone will be lining up to get their own Epic browser. Who wouldn’t want to try it? It is possibly the iPhone of browsers which makes it that much more attractive in the list of browsers on the Web.