eRacks 48 core OPTERNATOR 1U rackmount server is a product that has Opteron 12-core 6100-series Quad processor system from AMD. The product has created revolution in the world of technology of 1U system. The 6100-series performs two times better than the previous generation of AMD server processors. AMD has given an estimate which shows that integer performance has increased by 88 percent and floating point performance has increased by 119 percent. It has a feature of lower power consumption. This processor system is suitable for the organization that needs numerous cores for storing data in the database and also requires high power consumption to run their system.

Overview on Configuration

The OPTERNATOR48 server processor has many advanced features. The latest model of the brand, Opteron 6100 series holds 48 cores in a single 1U system. The 8 core or 12 core processor can hold upto 2 billion transistors and has a cache memory of 20 MB. It has maximum memory of 256 GB, an IPMI card which enables the technology to feature remote control and remote management, RAID options, hotswap bays. It is supported by ISCSI and can also be connected to a 10GbE card. According to the rumors, it is expected that a 40GbE card will be launched in the market.that will feature USB3 card options. It will also provide enough room for expanding the system to 2U chassis for supporting Graphics cards like FERMI or Telsa, external ESATA3 hard disk connections and multiple Network cards.

High Speed

Unlike Intel processors that use logical cores, the OPTERNATOR possesses 12 real hardware cores which are located in a CPU. This feature has empowered the OPTERNATOR48 server processor for performing tasks that need high computing speed, such as data mining, rendering of complex images, audio or video. The OPTERNATOR48 server processor possesses the highest number of cores in one single 1U system among server processors which are currently available in the market.

Low Power Consumption

The HT feature of OPTERNATOR48 server processor helps to address memory. It also enables threading inside the CPU. The surprising fact is that, the high performance delivered by the OPTERNATOR48 server processor needs relatively lower power consumption than the other processors. It uses just 80-115W of power. The lower power consumption is mainly caused by applications of deeper sleep states, memory modules which consume low voltage and development of power checking system that supervise the power usage. The feature has made the computing machine a reliable and environment-friendly server system.

The server can be usedfor database, video or image rendering system, huge storage system, setup for virtualization and for this applications or software which need very high computing speed or processor speed. It can be used as a leading unit in storage array and also suitable for huddles of rackmount servers.

Many advanced technologies have been introduced by eRacks in recent years which have taken them to a leading position of server processor industry. By introducing the OPTERNATOR, eRacks have offered world’s first and full Open Source Support. Their price is very suitable and offers network migration services. These features have made eRacks out of touch from the competitors.