Spyware is a type of malware (short for malicious software) which installs on computers to collect information about the user. Spyware is hidden from the user and is difficult to detect. There are various anti spyware software used, e.g. corporate most commonly use key loggers to remove any threat from spyware.


Signs of a malware infection vary depending on the type of malware in the system. Some slow down the browser speeds and the entire computer in general. They also modify the browsers homepage and default search engine. You might even see some new toolbars appearing out of nowhere. In severe cases a spyware may also hijack your PC.

However if you feel your browser is behaving awkwardly, then it is advisable to set your browser options to a higher security level to block any modifications that you are encountering due to the activities of the spyware in your computer. Moreover most spyware are known to block antivirus websites or even stop the antivirus program from working.

How does Adware and Malware relate to Spyware

Adware are those types of malware that will flood your system with pop-up ads. A good indication of an infection is you frequently get pop-up ads when you are offline.

Similarly, malware in some extreme cases may also shut down your firewall program. It may also block access from system tools like Task Manager or regedit.

If you face the symptoms as mentioned above then it is necessary for you to install a antivirus software that comes with features to remove spyware and malware. However there are specific software for just spyware and malware separately, it is often found that once you install more than one security program they often clash with each other.

Most often users complain that spyware removal programs slow down the performance of their PC. But on the flip side it will assist you in your spyware removal quest by scanning your entire computer system.

Spyware Removal Software

Windows Defender is one of the most popular products for removing spyware. Moreover it comes shipped with the Windows Vista operating system. Simply do a scan with the program as often as is possible. As an alternative, you can download some free programs from the Internet that include AdAware and Ccleaner. It is also paramount that you update your operating system as often as possible. Most malware take advantages of security loopholes in the operating systems. The operating system companies counter this by giving out regular updates to seal these vulnerabilities.

If you feel that you are a victim of spyware, then rest assured as there are plenty of free antispyware software available in the market. Before I end this article, my only advice to you would be not to download content from illegal sites, especially torrents. If you are a “manic” downloader then it is essential that you first scan through the files that are to be downloaded through an antispyware program.