In a video press conference  Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google has said that Google’s product strategy is focused on constituting Google in terms of social networking. The video conference came in light of a claim made by Facebook that it owed Google’s social product documents.  However, the details of this news were not revealed until September 14, during the press conference in which Schmidt made it clear that the focus of Google has been on channelizing social networking for better results.

According to Schmidt, “Our view of social is a little different than what everyone has been writing. we want our core products to get better from social information. The best thing that could happen is if, Facebook opened up its network and if we could just use that information…Failing that, there’re other ways in which we can get that information.”  Though, after much hype about Google TV it seems that the Internet search engines like Google cannot make do by not having a “personal face” to the searching information. After all Facebook market strategy depends on who you are connected to which in turn result s in interconnection of information, therefore, giving a “face” to your searches.

“We’re trying to add a social component [to Google’s core products] to make them even better. With your permission…and knowing more about who your friends are, we can provide more tailored recommendations, search quality will be better.” Schmidt said in the video conference.