The two year long deal has finally come to a shape between one of the leading sports television network ESPN and one of the leading gaming console Xbox. Microsoft has finally made a deal with ESPN and have turned into a partnership according to which the ESPN’s events would all be available to the users of Microsoft’s Xbox 360.

The advantage

ESPN has a complete broadband network that is known as ESPN3 the membership of which was quite expensive and was not opted by many a sports lover around the world. The access to ESPN3 will be accessible to all regular members of Xbox’s membership that is known as Xbox Live. The partnership would certainly come up as a huge news to all the sports lover around the world. Microsoft would certainly pay all the sum of the license fee on your part so that your experience on your gaming console vitalizes.

Microsoft is expecting to reach a wider horizon through this association as people using the console would enjoy the gaming experience even more than the normal conditions as being updated from the real time world of sports world. This way, more people would be certainly attracted towards becoming members to Xbox live as well.


The prior feature that the association guarantees is the very access to ESPN3 that is the broadband channel from ESPN. This would give you an exciting new look by keeping yourself updated with the happening around the world of sports brought to you by ESPN. The very spirit of gaming would certainly be enhanced this way becoming richer. The live event experience would certainly be a fun to all the gaming fans.

The joint venture would certainly be accompanied with collaborative technology. This way, the gaming lover would enjoy both the benefits of gaming along with news and other updates. The feature would let them bring closer to other online friends from around the world. They could even be able to play trivia quizzes. The new collaboration would also feature voice recognition that would be used to answer quizzes along with the gaming experience.


The collaborative feature would certainly come up with in the end of this year and would certainly be of no threat to any other renderer around the world as this association is targeting the members of Xbox live only and no other audience would be entertained this way. This would bring the users of Xbox 360 in touch with some 3500 sporting events that occur around the world that ESPN network focuses on through the year.

The outcomes would be quite exciting as you would certainly have a watch on the Golf tournaments, Soccer matches, NBA, MLB and tennis matches. This all would be available to them in the DVDR format that they could even use to replay their favorite matches. In brief, this would get Xbox members with all the exciting features that the broadband channel of ESPN in form of is offering online.

The scope of both the ESPN network and Xbox Network would certainly expand with this development. This is perhaps an excellent collaboration between both the main stakeholders in their respective scopes.