Apple is soon going to launch the eight major release of its mobile operating system for iPod, iPad, and iPhone. The new software, iOS 8 is the successor and revamped version of iOS 7 and sports a range of new features and abilities. Here, we have compiled a whole heap of features that will certainly change the way you use your mobile.

What’s new about iOS 8?

Photos and Camera

This time the Photos app comes loaded with a lot of editing options. The cropping option now enables you to rotate the image clockwise and anti-clockwise. In addition to this, you can change the brightness and colors of your pictures too. Timelapse is another interesting feature that is included in the upcoming iOS mobile operating system.

Notification Center

As compared to its successor iOS 7, the Notification Center in the latest iOS 8 is much more advanced. It allows you to add, remove and rearrange notification widgets.


In iOS 8, you can send video and audio messages merely by holding the record button. And in group conversations, you can either add or remove anyone right from a thread.


As far as design of this soon to be released mobile operating system is concerned, it is very much like its predecessor. However, to give it a new look and feel, a few changes have been given to iOS 8.


Another intriguing aspect in iOS 8 is the predictive typing feature. Called as QuickType, this addition displays word selections you type. According to your requirements, you can easily turn off or hide the feature. And if you need, it also lets you to install keyboards from third-party, such as Swype, SwiftKey, Minuum, Adaptxt, and Fleksy.

Family Sharing

This time iOS 8 have included a brand new feature “Family Sharing”, which enables you to add as many as six family members and share apps, books and music purchased using same credit card.

iCloud Drive

This feature in iOS 8 allows you to save all your data on directly on iCloud. You can easily access your data on different Apple devices right from where you left off, which means you can start your work on one device and continue on another device easily.

iOS 8 was initially announced at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference on June 2. And up till now the company has already released 3 beta versions of the software only for registered Apple developers. The final version of Apple’s upcoming mobile operating system iOS 8 will be released this fall.