Exatime announced that it has launched a software which can installed into any of the Apple’s hand held device like iPhone, iPod and iPad, and the software shall transform the mobile devices into real time simulated Global positioning systems and real time clock too. This can be used as a precious tool for grounds men and technicians in the field.

iPhone has emerged as a very handy tool capable of running many applications but one at a time. These applications range from atomic clocks, games, Internet messenger service to even video editing softwares. As iPhone is touch screen enabled these applications can be used easily. Working on this platform and these features Exatime launched applications specifically for environments which are in rough and harsh terrain where in features like electricity are not easily accessible; at such times a application like Pocket Clock and Global Positioning System comes very handy. There are over six million working in construction, logistics and transport industry and such an application would come handy for them, when they are traveling in different time zones and even in different climactic zones.

While launching the software the CEO of Exatime, Tony Pappas said in such climate companies have to spend a lot of money to provide batteries and electricity to run many machines including GPS devices and clocks, he added that providing software to run such applications on iPhone is a great and an innovative software to also reduce the cost heads of a company. Many companies have tight schedules and add to the woes of traffic, their employees have to follow cut to cut time schedules, in this time using software on iPhone, Windows Mobile and even Blackberry is very easy and makes the persons life relaxing. An engineer can take the pictures of work progress at sites and industries, while adding audio to his reports. He can then use these pictures and audio notes; combining them he can make a multi media report, to present it to the higher authority. Using his iPhone he can also tag places in the pictures and also add comments as followed. Such tools are added in the software’s multi media section, and the interface is too easy for even the ground men to understand.

The software is loaded with features, some like recording time for activities. Like a supervisor can clock in an entire crew in one action, saving time and increasing accuracy. The software would utilize the operating systems computing abilities, multi media capabilities and the camera to present an easy to understand report which can be created very swiftly. The software comes with Exaktime’s JobClock.NET service where in one can use the mobile’s Internet connection the transfer the file through a very secure route and keep the important and secret data of the company in safe hands, not making it publicly accessible. After the file transfer, Exaktime TimeSummit software allows the person on the other side to analyze the data and sort according to hours and also GPS locations.