The first sneak peek at the Blackberry OS 6 occurred last April. It is not due till Q3 but the company, nevertheless highlighted many of its new and enhanced features. The most alluring is the new web-kit browser which would be allowing a fast and rich browsing experience. It is also expected to be supportive towards tagged browsing.

Blackberry OS 6 comes equipped with featured like new graphics, attractive animations and of course, transitions with contextual pop-up menus .Also in addition, the home screen will give multiple views, which will be based on context type. Also coming up is a brand new media player interface which has multitouch supports. The trend seems to be of engaging the enhancements and features around the technology of touch interface. The new features are enough to excite any smart phone lover’s interests.

To further enhance the ever increasing speculation and buzz around the launch of Blackberry OS 6, RIM has thrown yet another curtain raiser. It has released a video and blog post on Monday. The video which shows a snappy, super sharp redesign home screen. Context menus, universal search, the new media interface and a couple of new applications. To erase the memory of the sluggish Blackberry browser, the new one which looks wonderful with its WebKit platform, has been highlighted. It seems to be adequate in easing the complaints regarding the formers slow browser.

The video lovingly lingers on the famed Blackberry messenger. If you are not aware, it is the proprietary Blackberry to Blackberry instant massaging service which has earned quite a few cookie points for Blackberry in the past. RIM has been religiously promoting the Blackberry messenger in San Francisco. This gesture underlines that this going to be a long time feature which RIM would like its current users to be aware of. The users of BBM (Blackberry to Blackberry Messenger) swear by it. Not only can one send messages by it, but also see the time when the message is received and actually read by the receiver.

The recent post throws light on the plethora of added features that is going to make BBM the talk of the town. The Blackberry OS 6 boasts of a brand new liquid user interface which makes it stand apart and stand ahead from the old school Blackberry phones. It promises to be High Performing and yet at the same time easy to tackle and fun. This feature of being powerful and accessible at the same time is going to make this phone a winner!

There are many features that the makers have lined up to woo buyers. The Blackberry has integrated several winning features which are sure to attract attention. Be it the new user interface or the complete redesigned home screen. The options of universal search and context sensitive pop-up menus will also come in handy for most users. Next in the list of High-End features is the remodeled Blackberry Browser, which is fuelled by the powerful WebKit.Another application, aimed towards the networking crazy gennext is the Social Feed. It integrates your social and news networks into a single destination.

All said and done…lets wait till the launch to give the final word.