We want to become unique in our own little ways. That is why we want to do things our way even if it puts a question mark to someone’s face. As long as we enjoy it and as long as its spells out our being us, then off we go!

This is the same story as that of competing mobile phones.

Mobile technology has its own way of becoming distinctive to one another even if both have same main uses. There would always be one thing different from the other that would make us users choose what suits our taste, what goes with our preferences, and what brings out the best in us.

And I am talking about applications, the unique ones!

A great example of a mobile technology using this kind of distinctive features is the Android mobile phone.

What is Android Mobile?

Android mobile phone is an open phone platform created by the Google itself. It is named by its creator as “software stack” – a mobile phone simply made up of an operating system where everything runs; a middleware for talking to a network and to one another; and last is application which is a set of programs the phone can carry out .

Its center application includes email client, SMS program, Calendar, Maps, Browser, Contacts and other important set of programs not specified.

In order for this mobile phone to become different from those other phones, a new tool was then made – the App Inventor.

Application Inventor – “App Inventor”

One of the important factors that made Android Mobile an Android Mobile is its set of applications.

An application that consists of different programs the phone could command to. It also serves as a trademark to a certain phone because not all applications are found in different Phone makers.

In order for these Android Phones to promulgate further, a new tool is being introduced by Google to the public. A tool called “App Inventor” (Application Inventor).

It is has a “drag-and-drop interface” with an easy and hassle-free set of commands that could bring someone (with no programming background or experience) make their own applications.

Indeed, it has a very unique way of reaching its consumer by not mainly become a simple consumer but also become an application maker itself.

This somehow would help the Google Company and its Android mobile phone exceed other mobile phones like those of Apple’s iPhone or RIM’s Blackberry which requires more comprehensive programming experience.

It will also guide to zillion of applications that could convince other non-user to choose the Android mobile.

Though some of the applications may not have much of importance, it could help the inventor to become popular, and could even get or have a chance to develop his or her potentials to a career as an Android Application Inventor.

With its unique way approach, these applications which is exclusively made and be available for Android mobile phones would help all its users become unique in its own way too.

Again, a new era for Android Phones and its users!