The GPU bench marks produce different results with slides used in the different high end phones. One such slide which is even faster than the slides used in Droid, EVO, Incredible and Android 2.2 installed Nexus is the Adreno GPU. This is kind of feature that makes the slide fast. This particular slide is aimed towards the market of the smart phones. But it is not very compatible with the high end ones. Due to its main focus is on the Smartphone market it uses the 600 MHz Qualcomm MSM7227. But a very little information can be obtained from the official website of the Qualcomm except that the GPU uses the 3D graphics which are of hardware accelerated type.

The system Information Tool

According to the system information tool it has been learnt that Adreno GPU is being used in this particular slide. The Adreno GPU is also used in the 1 GHz Snapdragon which has relatively much faster speed. Previously it was known that the Droid possesses the super fast GUP having a speed of 110 MHz PowerVR SGX 530. But with the emergence of the Adreno GPU, it became even faster than the Nexus.

Speed of the slide

It is known that the slides normally use the Adreno GPU. Even the Snapdragon phones use the same technology.  Now if this is the fact then the question is, in what mechanism the particular slide acts more rapidly than the others? Moreover, it is to be noticed that with the CPU speed 600MHz and the firmware still of Android 2.1 version how the slide outperformed the others. In case of many taxing benchmarks the slide surprisingly scored 2x. This is quite similar to the NeneMark1 and the GLBenchmark.

Reasons behind the above phenomena

Till now very little has been discovered regarding the speed of the slide. One explanation in this respect might be that the GPU of the slide should be first as compared with that of the other various high end phones. Generally it is known that the slide GPU is the last if you compare it with the high tech phones. However, researches are going on over this topic to find out some strong and reliable explanation in this matter.

The lower resolution factor

The factor of lower resolution is quite satisfactory in this case. Since the slide runs the resolution of HVGA vs WVGA, lesser pixels are pushed by the benchmarks. Apart from this cause there may be some other reasons those are liable for such great results.

Results of myTouch 3G Slide

Considering the GLBenchmark result for the slide we have HD PRO 1.1 – 9.5 fps and HD ES 1.1 – 59.0 fps. For the NenaMark1 the result is 18.1 fps and lastly for the NeoCore the result is 31.2 fps.

There are mixed responses on the myTouch 3G Slide. According to some this slide does not provide sufficient speedy and efficient performance. On the other hand some believe that the GPU of this device is truly fast.